15 Mar 2016


We joined "Personal Innovation Act" by Softbank, where we developed prototype apps and devices that use technology to update six analog tools that we use every day.


  • 2017 One Show MERIT (UX / UI : Cross-Channel)
  • 2017 One Show MERIT (DESIGN : Digital / Utility Design - Single)
  • Spikes Asia Festival of Creativity 2017 bronze (Digital)

Our Credit

  • Technical Producer / Director: Toshiyuki Hashimoto (aircord)
  • Mechanical Engineer (Remote Height Pole, Message KAKEJIKU): Osamu Iwasaki (aircord)
  • System Developer (Cloud VHS, Shadow Play Online, Message KAKEJIKU): Hisaki Ito (aircord)
  • System Developer (Cloud VHS, Remote Height Pole): Tomohiro Akagawa (aircord)
  • System Developer (Cloud VHS): Seiya Nakano (aircord)
  • System Developer (SNS Newspaper) / Project Manager: Nomura Miki (aircord)
  • Technical Support: Hiroki Yamada (aircord)
  • Device Engineer (Smart Dial Phone): Yoshihito Nakanishi
  • Application Developer (Message KAKEJIKU): Takahiro Hirata
  • Special Thanks: Masataka Kimura (Tasco), Maki Hitomi, NP TRADING CO


We developed prototype apps and devices that use technology to update six analog tools that we use every day.

□SNS Newspaper

When a linked social media site is selected using a dedicated app, posts are redesigned to conform to the newspaper format and are exported using a printer built into the post box .

□Remote Height Pole

When data is sent using a dedicated app that can measure a person’s height, a cutting device attached to a column engraves the result at that person’s height .

□Cloud VHS

When a video is selected and sent using a dedicated app, the link to that video is converted into a QR code and is printed together with the title onto a VHS label. A built in camera scans the QR code and the video is then played on the TV when a VHS with that label is inserted into a video deck.

□Smart Dial Phone

We have embedded a microprocessor into a rotary dial telephone, customizing it so that it is able to send and receive video calls to and from a smartphone. By means of the dial of the rotary dial telephone, it is also possible to make a video call to the other party’s smartphone.

□Shadow Play Online

By using a projector and a video phone and projecting each other’s shadows together, it becomes possible for two people in separate locations to perform shadow play with each other.


When a hand written message is written and sent using an exclusive app, a laser exposes thermal paper based on the data, and the message emerges.

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