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  • Netflix, Inc.


14 Sep 2018

From September 14th to September 17th, 2018 a "Next Gen Family Park" was put on exhibit at Futako-Tamagawa Rise. aircord handled the technical direction, device creation, and the development of mixed-reality game software.

Our Credit

  • Creative Director/ Art Director/ Designer: Yuto Nakamura(MARUKAJIRI Inc.)
  • Creative Director/ Technical Producer: Toshiyuki Hashimoto
  • Technical Director: Osamu Iwasaki
  • Hardware Developer: Tomofumi Yoshida
  • Visual / System Developer: Takeshi Doi
  • System Developer: Takayoshi Ohara
  • Motion Designer: Shinya Sato(Freelancer)
  • Sound Designer: Ryota Miyake(Freelancer)
  • Technical Support: Satoshi Maemoto(SYSTEM FRIEND INC.) 、Shouta Sakamoto(SYSTEM FRIEND INC.) 、Hisaki Ito
  • Support: Yae Uehara、Seiya Nakano、ART BROS

To commemorate the original movie “Next Gen,” broadcast exclusively on Netflix, a “Next Gen Family Park” was put on exhibit at Futako-Tamagawa Rise from September 14th to September 17th, 2018.
One of the contents of the exhibit was a futuristic action game, “Next Gen Battle” which uses mixed reality technology to allow players to experience the world of “Next Gen” as if they were really there.
Attendees each put on a Hololens and aimed for the high score, using a controller to defeat the characters that would come flying at them in the game. It was a huge success, with children and adults attending in mass numbers every day.
aircord handled the game software development, technical direction, and device creation.

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