Munch A Retrospective


  • The Asahi Shimbun Company


27 Oct 2018



In conjunction with the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum large retrospective on Edvard Munch titled "Munch: A Retrospective," aircord was in charge of the technical display/direction for the 「breathe/feel/suffer/love」 video art exhibit.

Our Credit

  • Technical producer: Toshiyuki Hashimoto
  • Creative Coder: Hisaki Ito
  • Technical Support: Seiya Nakano

Starting with “The Scream,” one of the most well known works in all of art history, approximately 100 pieces are on display, making this wonderful exhibit a place where you can see the entire life work of Munch, one of the masters of modern painting.
Through his paintings, Munch expressed on canvas the inner workings of people, from joy to sorrow, anger to fear, and other stirrings of the heart. Symbolic of this, Munch left behind a note saying, “I can no longer paint men reading and women knitting indoors. Breathing, feeling, suffering, loving, living people are what I paint.”
「breathe/feel/suffer/love」 is a video work born from these words.
Using Munch’s style and materials as a base, a “style change(neural style transfer)” technique incorporating a neural network was used to create a series of images and animate them. The wandering of feelings in Munch’s paintings was reconstructed dynamically, and four video displays were lined up in the space to present them. The video displays work together to create the impression of canvasses, bringing forth a lively feeling in the space.

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