Ke no Bi-ORBIS 30th year annieversary


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17 Nov 2017


In celebration of Orbis' 30th anniversary, an exhibition on the "ke no bi" was held at the Pola Museum Annex.
aircord conducted the technical cooperation of, "minna no ke", in which everyone could take and upload pictures of everyday "ke", and that of helping writers develop the system / devices of their works.
※photo Takumi Ota

Our Credit

  • Technical Producer/Director: Toshiyuki Hashimoto
  • Hardware Developer (Karoku Yanagiya): Tomofumi Yoshida
  • Hardware Developer (Minna No Ke): Osamu Iwasaki
  • Software Developer (Minna No Ke): Hisaki Ito
  • Software Developer (iPad Visualizer): Yoshiki Inomata
  • Web Coder: Humiki Shinohara

Celebrating Orbis’s 30th anniversary, “Ke no bi ” exhibition was held in Pola Museum Annex, welcoming Taku Sato as the director, from November 17th 2017 to December 24th.
This exhibition pays close attention to the traditional Japanese worldview of “hare (extraordinary)” and “ke (ordinary)”. With the goal of seeking beauty in the ordinary, it has gathered works by creators in various other fields.
aircord has directed “Minna no ke”, where normal people can participate by posting pictures of their ordinary lives, developed and produced the system / device for a dedicated player that contains 3 stories with the theme of Karoku Yanagiya’s “synchronicity”, and an iPad app that introduces all the creators who were involved in the exhibition, and provided technical support for the entire exhibition.
“Minna no ke” gathered photos from participants in a special website under three themes: “breakfast”, “location”, and “Chinese character”. The submitted photos were then projected onto a screen. Visitors to the exhibition were able to see the pictures of other people’s “ordinary” under each theme and year, navigating using buttons and levers.

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