Finding Perceptions


  • 21_21 design Sight


20 Oct 2017


The "Wild: Untamed Mind" exhibition by Director Shinichi Nakazawa was held at 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT.
aircord put the work on exhibition to take on the challenge of making "The Origin" expressed by Kumagusu Minakata into something visible.
※Photo: Satoshi Asakawa

Our Credit

  • Producer: Toshiyuki Hashimoto
  • Technical Director: Seiya Nakano
  • Software Developer / projection: Hisaki Ito
  • Sound designer: JEMAPUR

The brain, which is a gigantic network of neurons, is just like the large scale structure of the universe or the Internet, Indra’s net, which is explained in the Avatamska sutra, or the Southern Mandala drawn by Kumagusu. In this piece of work, when the 360-degree camera spots a visitor, the video responds as if electrical signals are being transmitted between neurons, and the space captured by the camera is reflected in the video in real time by environment mapping. As a result of this, the visitors become part of the piece of work, and they are incorporated within the sphere, just like jewels on Indra’s net. With the jewels and the real space reflecting each other, the dynamic life view that the whole the universe fits into one gem (“一即多、多即一”, meaning “One thing is everything, and everything is one thing”) is expressed.

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