• aircord lab


19 Nov 2014


aircord has developed logo motion with an original system. In display, 2D image is shown continuously, and took a time lapse that shifts parallel which make it look as 3D. Also by taking it stop motion, it appears as 3D animation floating on the real space.


We have constructed the program of controlling the camera and sending a video, at the timing of shooting, OSC reacts then shows an image to the display.
Also, with CINEMA4D, slicing a section of object and these images are broken down to every 1 frame.
Playing these images, and moving the display from PC’S motor control, and shooting automatically 1 frame at a time which camera’s shuttler is interlocked.
The rail has sliding function and flaming function together, this is controlled with DMX control’s original developing system.
High precision of transfer movement on the rail is realized with original developing sliding system of DMX control, which sliding function and flaming function is united together for the shooting rail.
From the application, number of frame is inputted, and command goes to each slide control that makes all automatic for shooting.

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